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Re-imagine your conference
in a virtual world 

Are you considering a virtual or hybrid element to your conference?

If so, Abbey can help!

Virtual Conference

The global pandemic presented an opportunity for virtual & hybrid conferences to have their time to shine and we in Abbey are at the forefront of this ‘new normal’ in the meetings industry. When conferences were simply unable to physically take place, associations and meeting planners turned to the virtual option to deliver for their audience.


Virtual events are great ways to host large-scale events digitally. Virtual events can be hosted simply through streaming services using a smartphone, or with more complex setups. Literally anyone can join the event, no matter where they live in the world. Whether you are organizing a virtual event for social distancing purposes or for convenience purposes, virtual events have great potential when done right.

Our platform enables you to present a professional virtual & hybrid conference and not just another zoom meeting! We can re-imagine your conference whilst still providing the same options that an onsite conference would offer!

Our Virtual & Hybrid
Conference Solutions

OnAIR is your central hub for all virtual participants to access sessions, networking functions, exhibitions, one-to-one meetings, ePoster sessions etc. No matter if it's an exhibitor, presenter, support team or virtual attendee, OnAIR automatically knows who is logging in and displays the appropriate content specific to the type of virtual attendee accessing the platform.
Based on your virtual requirements, you can work with different streaming or video services, including Zoom, GoToWebinar, YouTube, Vimeo or Twilio

On Air


We build the programme in EventsAir based on your programme. 

Virtual Sessions

Live Broadcast: The session is shown live in real time.

Live Q&A

Live Q&A can run alongside each session 

Live Polling

Presenters can create questions during their presentation or in advance of the session

Discussion Forum

Allows for delegates to discuss any aspects of the conference with other delegates

Event Notes

A note box is available for each session to record your notes

Contact Exchange

You can exchange contact details with other attendees

ePoster Sessions

Virtual ePoster sessions are the way to bring a traditional Poster Session
to the virtual world

Virtual Exhibitions

Just like a traditional exhibition, attendees can visit the virtual exhibition hall

Meeting Hub

This real-time option lets your virtual attendees engage in real-time connections

Virtual Functions

Your virtual attendees can participate in networking functions

Host & Control Room

In the control room you can view all sessions in one screen

Live Support

This tool allows us to set up alive support or conference information desk

Reports & Analytics

We are able to access detailed reports and analytics on the performance and participation 

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